Educational farm

Our educational tours are designed especially for nursery, primary and secondary schools, but are also accessible to families and disabled guests.

The purpose of the educational farm is to introduce people to the farm and farm work, allowing them to taste the products that we grow and learn to appreciate nature without exploiting or damaging it. 
Another aim of the tours is to introduce people to the different types of farm animals and their nutrition, the different varieties of apples, grapes, and vegetables, and methods of cultivation based on biodynamic agriculture.
In this way we talk about healthy nutrition and the processing of farm products. Last but not least, we also organise group workshops, games and walks through the various plantations: the best way to learn while having fun at the same time.
The activities that we offer include sowing and transplanting seedlings, and fruit and grape harvesting.
In this way, mornings are spent enjoying the various activities and discovering the farm. After a short break and a healthy snack for the children, the fun continues with educational games and harvesting and transplanting. The various group workshops take place in the afternoon. In addition to all of the outdoor space that is available, we also have an indoor lecture hall.
The cost for our guests is €10 (excluding meals).


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